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I created this website in order to share my honest opinion about a product that I believe is very beneficial for the households that face beg bug problems. I saw a commercial of FabriClear on TV that intrigued me to do a further research about this product as I was impressed but also skeptical about some of the claims that they have made, like if it really is that effective when it comes to eliminating bed bugs on contact or even being a 100% natural product. This website has different sections such as reviews, customer feedback, where to buy FabriClear, contact and frequently asked questions that will help you get information about this product and the bed bugs in general. Hopefully this website will help you to make your decision about this product and give you an insight of how it functions in the interest of you and your family.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

They say prevention is better than cure. If you know how you can get bed bugs, you can prevent them from stationing at your home. It’s not what most of the people think, it’s not dirt, it’s not filth that can make your place/home infested with bed bugs. When you go to a place infested with bed bugs, they climb onto your luggage on clothes and come to your home along with you. The most common infestation places are hotels and theaters. This article will tell you ways you can avoid getting bed bugs when you are travelling.
how to spot bedbugs in hotel room

Common Questions about Bed Bugs

After receiving tons of comments and emails regarding these pesky little insects from people that have doubts and questions about them I decided to compile most common questions about bed bugs and their answers on a page. Through my knowledge and thorough research, I managed to write an insightful post that will concisely answer all your questions about bed bugs.
bed bugs eggs

How to Get Rid of Beg Bugs Naturally?

I am all against using non-natural ways of getting rid of the bed bugs. Who likes all sorts of chemicals on the bed where they or their loved ones and children sleep? Why put yourself and your family at risk when you can get rid of bed bugs naturally. The use of harsh chemicals is not the only way to get rid of them. Thorough steam cleaning, vacuuming and changing the sheets are some of the ways you can make them leave your house. Use the simple methods outlined in this article and you will be on your way of getting rid of the bed bugs safely and efficiently.

how to check for bed bugs

Do Bed Bugs Itch?

We all know how annoying and itchy mosquito bites can be, right? Well let me tell you, bed bug bites are even more annoying due to the fact that they stay longer than mosquito bites and sometimes, it can vary from person to person, you could even experience pain on the places where they have bitten you. People easily confuse them with mosquito bites. If you get up every day with little red bite marks on your skin and you are you are not sure if they are bed bug bites or not, then this post will help you. In this article, I discussed the symptoms of beg bug bites.

how bed bugs look like

Example of Bed Bugs Bites


FabriClear is a product that I spent some time researching. It has its pros and cons just like any other product but in my opinion I think the pros outweigh the cons. You can check out people’s opinion about it in the comments on this website or go through a review that I have written. You can check out another review that weighs the pros of FabriClear against the cons in a very concise manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to save you time when you have some sort of general questions about the product called FabriClear or about the bed bugs we created a Frequently Asked Questions section on our website that will help you with them. Things like, where to get FabriClear, what are bed bugs, are answered and you won’t have to wait for a reply via email for your question unless it is not contained in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Through our posts and through our Frequently Asked Questions section we try to answer most of the questions that people have about FabriClear and bed bugs. There is a lot of information placed on this website and if it doesn’t help you with whatever questions you have then you can contact us through our Contact section where we will try to get back to you and answer whatever question you have as soon as possible. All you need to do is to enter your name, email, subject and the message or question you have.